Jackie Chan. Badly dubbed movies. Bruce Lee’s famous one inch punch. These are some of the things that frequently come to mind when martial arts – kung fu in particular – is a part of the conversation. However, if you’ve only just watched a Jackie Chan film, or seen that famous video of the one inch punch, then you’re only getting half the story. (See Bruce Lee’s punch in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keS3OTNger8)

Kung fu is about so much more than bad dubbing and lightning fast moves. It’s about building confidence alongside physical fitness and self defense. It’s about learning to see clarity through the chaos of life, and finding that center inside of you that will propel you into greater things. It’s about learning to trust another person with your personal safety, even though the first time you meet is on the practice floor. Kung fu is about building bridges – in your body, your mind, and your life.

Why Martial Arts?

We’ve seen the benefits of martial arts training over and over again in our students. Adults often lose weight and gain flexibility, while children commonly achieve higher levels of self discipline and coordination. We know that kung fu works. Why? Because we have seen that same kind personal growth within ourselves. Kung fu and tai chi continue to change our lives in positive ways every day. Consistent martial arts training results in stronger bodies and more disciplined minds for students of all ages. That transformative power is what makes us the passionate teachers we are, and why we are here teaching today.

Train Only to Master Yourself.

This is the motto for our kung fu style, and also our school’s personal mandate. Within our walls you will find the space and instruction you need to learn these amazing martial arts. We pride ourselves on being a school that is based not on combat and victory, but on honor and community. Our students often come to us with simple goals for themselves. They want to learn self defense, to become more coordinated, to get in better shape, and martial arts is both a constructive and powerful way to accomplish these goals.

The style of kung fu we train, Pyong Ahn Do , or Peaceful Mind Way,  is an exemplary fighting style with a long and rich history. (For more information on our style, check out Premier Grandmaster Baird’s website: http://www.kungfukarate.com/?page_id=8 )  Pyong Ahn Do has produced many amazing martial artists over the years, from the home school in California to our own students here in Colorado. Stop by to observe or participate in a free trial class to see what we are all about!

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